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We specialize in the production, marketing and distribution of forage, turf, cover crops and native grass seeds, as well as leafcutter bees and equipment.

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Premier supplier of forage seed in Canada

Timely turn-arounds from order to delivery provide exceptional service — in season when you need it fast.

Founded in 1982 by a visionary group of Western Canadian alfalfa seed producers, Northstar Seed has become Canada's premier forage seed supplier. Our knowledgeable Sales Agronomists and Dealers can recommend a product or custom blend based on your needs and growing conditions.

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Northstar Seed

What's new?

Satin Soft Leaf Tall Fescue

Satin provides excellent forage quality combined with a strong disease package. Less competitive in a stand with other legumes. It is very adaptable to high moisture stress and early signs of salinity.

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Get the most out of your acres

Because every producer has unique land and production goals, Northstar Seed's dedicated team of specialists will guide you to get the most out of your forage acres.

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Our mission is to provide the forage, turf, and native seed products best suited for our customers' individual needs and purposes.

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