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Quality Products and Dependable Service

Northstar Seed is a fully integrated seed company specializing in the production, marketing and distribution of cool season grasses, legumes, corn and lawn seed. We are a privately held forage seed company with a diversified shareholder base. Since its inception in 1982, Northstar Seed Ltd. and its seed growers have built an excellent reputation for quality products and dependable service. We continue to expand our staff and knowledge base to support our increasing market and sales growth.

Northstar Seed’s head office is located just outside Neepawa, Manitoba. An office and distribution warehouse in Calgary, Alberta is further support for our dealer network and customers in the western prairies.

Our trade is in forage seeds, legumes and grass seed products in global and continental North American markets. Strategically located in Western Canada, we are within major seed production areas for legumes, forage and turf grass seeds. Proximity to a major rail, truck and container freight center is nearby at Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Northstar Seed Ltd. is proud of its ability and reputation to service and satisfy customers with the species and quality of seed needed in both a cost effective and timely manner. Northstar Seed personnel are specialists who understand the forage market.

Mission: Northstar’s mission is to provide the forage, turf, and native seed products best suited for our customer’s individual needs and purposes. This is achieved by building quality, long-term relationships from our seed production growers right down the value-chain to our end users who plant the seed.


Grasses, Legumes, Lawn & Turf, and Other Seeds


Producing a variety of hardy grasses with exceptional yield potential


Winter hardiness, short and long term longevity, hay and pasture fields

Lawn & Turf

Premium Lawn Seed blends, suitable for areas with sun and shade


Top selections of other seeds.

Seed Guide

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